Hansel, Gretel, and Little Red Riding Hood ?

Ini adalah skrip roleplay ujian praktek gue kemaren.. Thanks buat Deki, Yoga, Kiki, Febrina, Selfian, Yundha, dan Vivit yang mensukseskan drama/roleplaynya.. ^^

Ini dia ceritanya:

Once upon a time there lived a family near the black forest. The Father was a woodcutter, he was a very nice and wise man, his name was George. He had a beautiful wife, Nina. And two lovely children, Hansel and Gretel. Hansel was the elder brother, he was a nice and tough boy. And Gretel, the younger sister, was a sweet beautiful girl. The family lived in a cottage outside the black forest so George could easily went to the forest and cutted some trees to sold.

  • Act I

One day, George fell sick so that they didn’t have any wood to sold. And their food resources decreased slowly, until they had nothing to eat.
Nina      : “Oh my god, how do i fed my family if there is no food here.”

George : “I will go to the forest to chop some wood and find some… ‘uhuk uhuk (cough/batuk)’ food…”

Nina       : “No, dont go anywhere you are still sick. Don’t push yourself, i can find some berries in the forest. Its enough to make our hunger disappear.”

George : “I’m sorry i can’t help you dear.”

Nina       : “Its allright. You better take a rest until your fever gone.”

George : “Yes, i will. But Nina, i suggest you should take Hansel to accompany you to go to that forest. It’s dangerous if you go by yourself.”

Nina       : “Okay then, i will ask him to accompany me. And maybe Gretel will go to, she always want to be in her brother’s side. Are you okay alone in the house?”

George : “I’m fine don’t worry about me.”

  • Act II

Nina went out from her house, she looked around near the house, finding her children who always played around there.

Nina       : “Hansel! Gretel! Where are you?”

Gretel   : “We’re right here mom.”

Nina       : “Oh there you are. What are you doing?”

Hansel  : “We are hunting butterflies, but there aren’t any since we came here.”

Nina       : “Oh, poor you (smile). Will you accompany me to find some berries in the forest instead of hunting butterflies?”

Hansel  : “I’d love to! I always want to go to the forest. Are you want to go there too Gretel?’

Gretel   : “Yes, i do. But who’s gonna take care of dad? I feel sorry to leave him alone here.”

Nina       : “You are very nice girl (smile). But dad tells me that he was okay to be alone in home.”

Gretel   : “But he is sick mom, i’m worrying about him.

Hansel  : “I’ve got a good idea, how if you stay at home taking care of dad, meanwhile Gretel and me, go into the forest finding berries.”

Nina       : “Are you sure you’ll be find?”

Hansel  : “Of course, i take all responsibilities here. Beside, i’m a tough boy mom.”

Nina       : “Okay then, i believe in you. Be careful, don’t get lost in the forest.”

And so, Hansel and Gretel went to the black forest by themselves. They didn’t know that evil is waiting them inside the forest.

  • Act III

Meanwhile, in the other side of the forest there was a girl who also walked into the black forest. But, in the opposite direction of Hansel and Gretel did. The girl wore a red riding hood, people who know her, always called her little red riding hood but her real name was Anna. She brought a package for her grandmother whose house is on the edge of the forest.

Anna     : “This is such a beautiful flowers, i should pick some for my granny.”

She picked some flowers, and continuing her journey. Just a few steps she had, she saw two children ,who were picking some berries, in a long distance. She walked slowly until she was not very far from them. And guess what? They were Hansel and Gretel, picking berries for her mother.

Hansel  : “There’s so much berries here. I’m sure mommy is going to happy if we come home.”

Gretel   : “Yes, and i hope this berry can make daddy healthy again soon.”

Anna just stood there, she felt a shy to got near them. But finally she brave herself to got near them and introduce herself.

Anna     : “Uhm, i’m sorry. Can i join you two to pick some berries”

Gretel   : “With pleasure (smile), come here there are still plenty of it.”

Anna     : “Thank you (smile).”

Hansel  : “Who’s your name?”

Anna     : “Oh, i’m Anna people called me litle red riding hood, but my name is Anna.”

Hansel  : “Nice to meet you Anna, i’m Hansel and here is my younger sister, Gretel.”

Anna     : “Nice to meet you too, Hansel, Gretel. By the way, what are you doing here in the middle of the forest.”

Gretel   : “We are collecting some berries for my mother. And you, what are you doing here?”

Anna     : “I’m in the middle of my way to visit my granny’s house. I brought her a cake and flowers. Her house is in that side of the forest (nunjuk keluar).”

Hansel  : “What a coincidence, our house is that way too. How if we going there together, it’s safer than split up.”

Gretel   : “Hansel is right, and you can stop by in our house before going to your granny’s house if you would.”

Anna     : “It sounds good to me. For now, lets pick another berries before continuing our journey.”

After finished picking berries, they continue walking to Hansel’s and Gretel’s House. But they never know, that they were tracked by the ferocius Wolf and the ugly Witch. They weren’t together, but they all have the same goal. Catch the children!

Wolf      : “Hmmm, three little children. Enough for my supper tonight.”

Witch    : “Hihihi, those three children would be completing my eternal potion.”

Then , the wolf ran to the bushes, following the three children. And the Witch flew on her broomstick, casting a spell that create a house of candy so the children would attracted and trapped inside it.

  • Act IV

In George’s house, Nina was sitting beside him. She fell asleep because of her hunger, but at that time her husband woke up, making her awake too.

George : “What are you doing here Nina? Aren’t you going out to the forest to collect some berries?”

Nina       : “No, i’m not going there. Hansel and Gretel did, they’re worrying about you so they told me to stay here with you.”

George : “What?! The forest is dangerous, you know. Rumor said that there’s a ferocious wolf right there. It said to be ate children as its prey.”

Nina       : “Oh my god! What did i do to my children!” (cry)

George : “Calm down Nina, don’t blame yourself. It has already happened, now we can only hope for the safe of our children out there.”

Nina and George can only pray to god for the safety of their children out there.

  • Act V

Meanwhile in the forest.

Hansel  : “There’s three path here. I wonder which path is the shortest way to get out of here.”

Anna     : “Maybe this path in the right (pointing the path in the right).”

Gretel   : “Well, we’d never know if we don’t try it.”

So they were taking the right path. But after 20 minutes, they didn’t get to out of the forest. They got lost, they didnt know where they were going. But suddenly, appear a man in front of him. He looked suspicious, and yes, it was the wolf in disguised.

Wolf      : “Well, well, well. What do we have here, three little children in the middle of the forest. What are you doing here?”

Hansel  : “We want to get out from here, but we got lost.”

Wolf      : “Oh, poor you. Maybe you should choose this path, its a shortcut to get out from here.”

Gretel   : “Thanks alot sir, you’re so kind.”

Wolf      : “You’re welcome. But be careful, there is a wolf in this forest. It was a wild and ferocious animal.”

Hansel  : “Dont worry, we’ll handle it somehow.”

Wolf      : “Kekekeke, you’ve just fallen to my trap. Next, i will eat you all.”

  • Act VI

Hansel, Gretel and Anna continud their journey. Five minutes after they had walked, they found a mysterious house made of candy and cake.

Gretel   : “What kind of house is that! Its full of candy!”

Anna     : “I’ve never seen a house like that.”

Hansel  : “Me too. Lets check the house, whether it was real candy or not.”

They went in to the house, and they found many furnitures made of candies and cakes too. They spend long time there, eating candies and cakes from the furniture. Outside the house,  there were a witch hiding in the branch of trees and the wolf hiding in the bushes. They were waiting for the best moment to catch the children.

Witch    : “I think its time to catch those children.” (went in)

Witch    : “Hello children! Are you statisfied by that candies of mine. Do you want some more?”

Gretel   : “No, its enough i’m already full.”

Witch    : “Oh really? Now can you do me a favor. I need your help.”

Anna     : “What is it ma’am?”

Witch    : “Go in to that crock. Cause i want to cook you all, hihihihihihihi.” (chasing)

Suddenly the wolf appeared.

Wolf      : “Not so fast you ugly witch! Those children are mine!”

Witch    : “You dare to take my eternal potion’s ingredients! You shall take the curse of me. Alakazam!”

Wolf      : “it was miss. Hahaha, stupid witch.” (dodging the curse)

Witch    : “Take this again. Alakazam!”

The wolf dodge it again, he ran towards the witch. Hit her hand, so the magic wand fell into the floor.

Wolf      : “Now its time for me to attack you!”

Hansel  : “Wait you two! You all want to eat us right? I won’t let that happen, it’s better for you to be a mouse!”

Suddenly the Wolf and the Witch became a mouse, and they ran out from the house.

Hansel  : “Now we’re safe. Lets go out of this house.”

  • Act VII

In the George house.

Nina       : “It’s late of night and they didn’t come home yet. I’m so worried about them.”

George : “Don’t be so pesimistic, i believe that they were okay.”

Gretel   : “Mom, dad were home.”

Nina       : “Oh my glad you come home. Are you alright?”

George : “Yes, are you alright Hansel, Gretel? And who is that sweet girl over there?”

Hansel  : “We are fine. Oh, its Anna we met her in the forest.”

Anna     : “Nice to meet you sir.”

George : “Nice to meet you too. I believe that you all had a great experience in the forest.”

Hansel  : “Yes, we had. And you woldn’t believe what just happen to us.”

George : “Really, tell me then my son.”

And so, Hansel told the whole story to his parents. His father seems to be delighted to hear the story. Their face shows happiness and joy. Not long after that Anna say goodbye to Hansel’s family and went to her granny’s house. Her granny seems to be very happy to see her beautiful grand-daughter.

And you know what? They all live happily ever after.


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  1. mungkan karna critanya kk ada yg bhs inggris…
    jd banyak org inggris jg…
    brarti dah go internasional donk blognya…
    tinggal yg punya blog nih…


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