Teka teki Detektif (13)

Kali ini teka teki detektifnya pake bahasa inggris ya, hehe.. ^^

“Darn that rain!” said Detective Smart. “Three days now, and it hasn’t stopped.” A few minutes later he gets a call from a policeman stating that a very rich man was found dead with a bullet on his head in his mansion.

Immediately, Detective Smart goes to the mansion to interrogate the people living in the house….the nephew, the niece, the butler, and the maid.

The maid said that she was out shopping, and came to check on him and found him dead. The niece said that she was outside sunbathing by the pool and was listening to music so she didn’t hear anything. The butler said that he was with the niece, cleaning the pool. The nephew’s answer was that he was out with friends drinking, and he got home late, passed out, and woke up when he heard the maid scream.
I know exactly who the murderer is said Detective Smart.
Who is the murderer?

Sumber : http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080106215807AAzjVcD


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